Complete Guide to Shoulder Exercises

Welcome to, a site dedicated to the fitness exercises that target the muscles located in your shoulders. You'll find a large variety of shoulder exercises that use a variety of fitness equipment that you can browse and possibly integrate into your workout routines.

The website is broken down in the following sections:

Browse over 45+ Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Use the website to browse through over 45 exercises that target the shoulders.

Shoulder exercises are grouped by the fitness equipment they require and each is presented using animated illustrations that show you the correct start position and movement.

Workout Routines for Shoulders

Workout Routines for Shoulder Exercises

Use this section to sample workout routines designed specifically to target your shoulder muscles.

These workout routines are organized by the equipment they use.

Muscles Targeted by Shoulder Exercises

Muscles Targeted by Shoulder Exercises

Shoulders are made up of a group of muscles called the deltoid muscles (or simply deltoids). The front deltoids are located in front, the rear deltoids are located at the back and the outer deltoid muscles are located in between.

As with other types of fitness exercises, shoulder exercises usually require the input of neighbouring muscles, such as the triceps/biceps, the pectorals and the back muscles.

Motions Used by Shoulder Exercises

Motions Used by Shoulder Exercises

Your shoulder muscles are involved in a variety of different movements. The pulling motion usually requires your rear deltoids to kick in while the pushing motion will use your front deltoid muscles. Whenever you raise your muscles your outer deltoids will be assisting you.

Because these motions are so prevalent in every day life situations it is particularly important to make sure your deltoids are not overlooked when working out at the gym or at home.

Equipment required for Shoulder Exercises

Equipment Required for Shoulder Exercises

Like most fitness exercises you can use a variety of different equipment setup in order to target your deltoid muscles.

This website has you covered if you have access to either a barbell, a pair of dumbbells, an exercise ball or even professional type equipment usually found in commercial gyms.